What We Believe

The world is pretty messed up. We don’t need to look far to find racial conflict, injustices, corruption, poverty, hatred and environmental degradation in our Malaysian society.

It’s easy to get really upset and angry about what’s wrong with the world. We all hope and yearn for a better world to live in.

If our hunger points to food and thirst to water, could our desire for a “better world” be a clue to something else? Perhaps we have forgotten how it once looked like.

Created For Good
At the very beginning, God worked creatively to get the universe up and running. He also made people in His own likeness so that we could enjoy a loving relationship with God, with each other and be His partners in eco-management – caring and ruling the earth. It was designed to be a place of beauty, abundance and harmony.

Broken By Evil
Until the day when everything went terribly wrong. We decided to run our lives apart from God and became self-centred. As a result, we seek our own good above others’ and exploit natural resources in greed. Death, sorrow and sickness entered the world. The wonderful relationship with God, each other and nature was broken.

Rescued By Grace
But God loved the world too much to leave it that way so He came to our rescue in the person of Jesus. Not because of how good, humble or smart we are. He lived the perfect life of love that we should have lived. He died the sacrificial death that we should have died for our wrongdoing. Through His death on the cross and coming back to life again, Jesus restored our relationship with God and broke down the walls of hatred that divide us from each other and all of creation.

Renewed To Change Together
The renewal of a “better world” that reached its climax in the death and resurrection of Jesus will be fully completed in the future. Meanwhile, Jesus invites you and I to follow Him and He sends us out as His people of healing justice to transform relationships, social systems and environmental stewardship. It’s not about us or our selfish agenda. It’s all about God and His Kingdom for the world.

Where are you in this Story? Will you be part of this revolution of grace?