Power of Easter

Yee Siew Meng

Scripture: Rev 21:1-6

Death is a painful truth
We have an appointment with death. And never has death been so close to us in the past four weeks. 
Thanatophobia: We may fear death so much that we end up not acknowledging life. 

7 reasons why some people fear death
- No more experiences
- Uncertain of life after death
- Afraid of the end
- Cannot care for others
- Grief
- Projects...no more 
- Dying may be painful

 But when Christ resurrects, he conquers death. Once and for all. 
He is the first fruits of a bountiful harvest. We become the second and third and fourth fruits. So there is joy and hope. 

This leads us to three questions:

1. What is life in eternity?

2. What difference does it make?

3. What should we do?


1. What is life after death?

Life after death gives us meaning for life before death. After death God will be with us, in tangible presence. 

Even now: he sees our tears, hears our pain, and our biggest trial. 
A time will come: these tears and pain will be wiped away. 

Jesus tells John: write this down. It's true. 

Lord what is the truth that you want us to sit up and listen?

The Lord exists from A to Z, from start to finish. Where are we on the journey? Where is Christ in our journey?


(2 & 3) What difference and what should we do?

We can live in the now...with the same courage as Christ who loved us and gave his life for us.


Questions by Pastor Meng :-

1) How would you live your life is there was no resurrection and this life on Earth is the absolute end when you die?

2)  how might you live your life differently today having the assurance of eternity with Jesus ?