Life in the Household of God: The Inter-Generational Church and Instructions for Widows


Scripture: 1 Timothy 5:1-16

I Tim 5
Today we will consider the roles, responsibilities and reach of the church. 

These key ideas are based on the following assumption:
"You are no longer strangers and aliens but fellow citizens of the household of God." Eph 2:19 

Older people do need feedback but we should speak to them respectfully, like our fathers or mothers. 
Older people should treat younger people as peers, like brothers and sisters. 

Amid the covid virus and inability to meet:
Do I speak and engage with someone older? Do I show love and offer to care? Who comes to mind?
How might we find ways to connect and pray online, small groups or one on one?
Also if I am older, do I relate with younger people as my peer? Who comes to mind, and how might I listen and speak as my peer?



Widows and orphans represent people with vulnerabilities eg people in healthcare. How do we relate with the vulnerable and marginalised? Amid the covid and need for self isolation, how do we respond? What are our responsibilities as the family of God?

1. Financial support: how do we provide practical help amid amid possible neglect?

2. Relational support: how do we provide emotional care and love amid possible isolation?

3. Reframe our definition of family:
How can we spend less to bless others with more, amid a society that doesn't care?

4. Discern the needs
The needs are more than we can meet. We don't just give out resources without discernment. We need to prioritise. 

- Who are the more vulnerable in our city?
- Among those in our congregation, who needs care especially?
- For those who are reluctant to seek help, who might these be?



The Lord washed the disciples feet: "As I have served, do likewise." We don't just give money. We serve with love, and desire to share gospel. 

In a time of pandemic...
Care for people among us
Love those who are unreached. 

Lord, in a time such as this, it is so easy to look inward. Help us to see outward and be attuned to those who are especially vulnerable. Who are they among us? What might we do this week?

You are God who blesses with grace, goodness and mercy. Let your power show through us.