Joseph Tan

Joseph Tan has been with CDPC Puchong since 2014 and is now an Elder with a teaching passion in Biblical worldview and family building topics. Married to Debra since 1996, they have two teenage daughters whom have been home-educated since young. The deep joy for Joseph is to be able to serve and minister as a couple and also as a family.

As an executive coach and trainer, Joseph has been operating his own leadership development company, Good Monday Consulting since 2002. He is especially purposeful to infuse Biblical truth and wisdom in the work he does because the Word of God brings life and order into this chaotic world that we live in. Seeing the Gospel at work in transforming relationships bring a sense of significant fulfilment for Joseph.

He enjoys reading, writing and creating content on YouTube. He is really looking forward to a season of his life where he can travel the world with his wife to serve the Body of Christ through teaching the transformative power of the Word of God, connecting truth to day-to-day challenges.