Jacob Loh

Jacob Loh, dearly loved by the Lord, is an elder of CDPC Puchong, and he presently coordinates the church's Covenant Group ministry. He is forever grateful to God for His calling to serve Him since his school Christian Fellowship days in 1976.

Jacob enjoys devotional reading and connecting the Word of God to our daily and ordinary lives. He also finds joy in cooking dinner for the family as well as discovering and trying out good eating places in Puchong.

He is married to Lillian for over 25 years, and they are often partners in the ministry. Jacob and Lillian are blessed with Stephen, who is a young working adult, and with Silas, who is a special need youth.

The God who is sovereign has opened doors for Jacob and Lillian to be involved and to support people and caregivers of special need children and youth and those with mental health problem even as they minister to their own younger son, Silas, and experience other challenges in their lives.