We encourage artists to capture visual perspectives of city life around CDPC Puchong, and this online gallery is an evolving project. Please contact webmaster [at] puchong [dot] cdpc [dot] org [dot] my if you have a photograph to contribute to this art display.

  • City Scape
Good Friday Service 2016

"Between the crucifixion and the resurrection" - 5 people ponder the crucifixion - 25th Mar 2016, 8pm, CDPC Puchong

Teach Your Baby To Read - Talk (Nov 2012)

These are the pictures taken for the workshop "Teach Your Baby to Read" held on the 24th Nov 2012. The trainer was Mandi Neblett and was held at the Children's Library, Puchong.

City Scape

Our neighbourhood: Urban life is… busy. beautiful. dusty. dynamic. colourful. populated. noisy. exciting. lonely… well, you fill in the blank.

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