Many Christians claim to believe in Jesus, but only a minority of these can articulate good reasons for why their beliefs are true. Yet when Christians learn good evidences for the Bible, especially solid understanding for the accounts in Genesis, they respond in awe of God and gain confidence in their beliefs. Do join us for 3 nightly sessions on 31 May (Tue, 8.30pm at Pantai Baptist) and 1 & 2 June (Wed & Thu, 8pm at Grace Assembly). All 3 sessions are different. You can register for all three sessions or individually.

If you are a leader in CDPC, do highly encourage you to sign up for the Leaders’ Lunch on 2 June at 12pm at CDPC Puchong. Come and find out the role of creation apologetics in equipping believers to defend their faith and proclaim the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ effectively.

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