Posted on 11-04-2015
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It’s already April with the celebration of Good Friday/Easter last weekend. Much to be thankful for and reflect upon as a few key milestones have been reached.

Good Friday: The Stations of the Cross tradition continue to be well-attended and a blessing to many. It’s contemplative, experiential and proclaims the gospel. I was part of a group of guests who had no/little background info on the Jesus story and from Joy/my conversations with them, it was ‘relaxed’, meaningful and they took part in all the activities.

The gathered session around the cross was well thought, well-executed out presentation of the gospel… Tom, Janet, Sarah worked very well together. It’s special this year because more people were involved as station leaders/ushers and I’m sure the experience of explaining the different scenes/reflection questions for young people i.e. Joy/Tiffany/Eliza/Eunice/Joanne/Melody is a wonderful step forward to serve God and His people. Children took part in them and parents had the chance to explain the symbols.

I see evangelism, making disciples and growing leaders all embodied here.

Easter: Quite a number of new people and guests came. Sunday School and youth group presented a song and a play. That reflects team work in these ministries. Joseph and family drove the play and held the different members together well. Even organized a practice on Sat afternoon which is a minor miracle. Phil’s sermon based on Revelations did a great job of summarizing what the resurrection accomplished – Life is painful but God is making all things new. Long after kopitiam, people stayed back to converse and prayed for each other.

Play group on Saturday: Another well attended event with Erica having the chance to tell a story connected to Easter. Families from the children library come for the service too. Hope everyone continues this good job of serving the community – thanks again for your help and support.

Leadership Retreat: There is a deep sense of belonging and team work among the leadership team, and we want to grow similar relational bonding and ‘each othering’ in various existing ministries. Community comes before ministry.

We find growth in communal life – an opportunity for helping members to take a step forward in serving, inviting others to use their gifts and to lead. Children’s Library is a key outreach of the church that we should focus and build on to connect Sat morning with Sun morning. We also desire more intentional, structured disciple making training/education.

Alpha Course: It’s encouraging to see our guests find it meaningful and make steps towards Christ. We should continue to make these opportunities available for people to come and ask questions. The key isn’t much about the videos/content themselves but more in the dynamics on the group discussions, safe atmosphere and relationships formed in them where we can both listen lovingly and clearly share. I especially like the sessions on meaning of life, reading the Bible, prayer and discerning God’s will.

We are exploring to run Alpha again on Sunday afternoons after a lunch with guests/people can drop in after service if they are keen.

Would love to hear your take on our journey so far too :)

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