1. Check the depth of commitment to the small group. The greater the commitment, the deeper the transformation.

2. Admit we’re powerless over our soul-sapping struggles…. and have faith that it’s always possible to change.

3. Provide firm group guidelines…. These serve as the DNA of the small group. Without group guidelines, the group will drift.

4. … and be flexible, adaptable. As long as the DNA is there, members have huge leeway to adapt the group as they see fit.

5. Develop a mentor-buddy in the group. The mentor provides one-on-one counsel outside the group.

6. Share struggles. Public and personal confession are crucial in any recovery or growth process.

7. Incorporate spiritual disciplines. Prayer, meditation, self-examination and friendship are crucial elements in AA — and small groups.

8. Celebrate victories. AA gives out tokens to people who stay sober for 24 hours to one month to 55 years. What tokens can we give?

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