Jesus ended his small group. And created new beginnings.

Let the good times go on. Wouldn’t that be great?

When Peter encountered Moses and Elijah on the Mount

of Transfiguration, he wanted to build a house there and stay there forever. The disciples were horrified when Jesus said he needed to die; what would happen to their cosy small group? And when Jesus rose from the dead, they thought their small group would go on as usual. But no.

Instead, Jesus ate with them, celebrated what’s good, reaffirmed his love for them, and then … he left! Jesus shows us that we cannot cling on to good things. The journey of discipleship is learning the art of continuously letting go.

Letting go frees us to begin anew. With their small group over, the disciples became founders of a new Jesus movement that would sweep across Jerusalem, Asia Minor and the rest of the world with astonishing rapidity.

Letting go does not mean letting go of friendships. The disciples remained friends with one another, and with Jesus.

I’ve led many groups. And I’ve seen how amazing things happen after our groups have ended. In one small group called Headstart, 90% of the members went on to lead new groups. Together, we started a discipling movement for young adults in malaysia. (In fact, the group members liked one another so much that half the members married one another!).

In July, sign up and commit to a small group at CDPC Puchong. Who knows, it may just change your life!

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