On the first Easter, mere hours after Jesus murdered death and brought captives into heaven, the King of Kings returned to earth and wasted a whole afternoon with a bunch of losers.

“What are you so concerned about?” he asked the two unnamed disciples as they trudged back home. Jesus listened deeply, and patiently, as the two shared how they felt discouraged, disillusioned and despair about their ex-Messiah. They bitterly recounted events in the past three days where their leader surrendered to the authorities instead of fighting back. He chose death instead of victory. Now that their master was dead, their dreams were dead. And they were going home.

Jesus listened without judgement even though the duo was talking about him behind his back. That’s how Jesus listens when he leads small groups. He listens deeply. He cares about how people feel, not just what they do.

So, hours later, when Jesus rebukes his former disciples on the road to Emmaus, he has earned the right to speak the truth in love. The two did not react defensively even when Jesus called them “foolish” and “slow.” Jesus went on to share generously about himself, helping them to connect Scripture with the living Word (himself!) walking with them in real life.

This powerful story in Luke 24:13-34 shows how deep listening and generous sharing can help us discern Jesus walking with us in daily life.

At CDPC Puchong, we will listen and share in small groups. We will go deep. And, Lord willing, meet God there.

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